Proximity messaging solutions that transform public safety and marketing

Turning physical places into smart spaces

We are pioneers in the development and implementation of proximity based analytic services, IOT management infrastructure, and mobile technologies. See how our products and services are impacting global enterprises, governments, cities, and businesses alike.

Setting a new precedent for security and communications with our next generation product line

HALO and HALOfx represent the latest evolution of our broadcast messaging devices

PHACT and InHome Care utilize the latest deep-learning algorithms from iSign providing a wealth of curated data for our clients


Hybrid Analytics Location Observation, a software platform and “listening” device that provides a suite of functions specifically designed to maximize safety and security within a managed environment such as a school, hospital, shopping plaza, or concert venue


Hybrid Analytics Location Observation with facial recognition. All of the features of HALO, augmented with the addition of facial and object recognition modules. True security and area management


Passive Historical Aggregate Contact Tracing, an intelligent smart space analytics platform utilizing publicly available anonymous interactions between mobile devices to accurately determine occupancy levels and movements of individuals. Information is completely anonymous and requires no need for opt-in by users, and no privacy violations take place

InHome Care

Virtual Intelligent in Home Health Care, an advanced personal assistant and appliance designed to work with existing and bespoke wearable and IoT health sensors to create a virtual twin of an individual, aggregating health information, providing reminders and beneficial suggestions, and making recommendations for improved health and well-being

About Us

iSIGN Media is an infrastructure-oriented, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider specializing in proximity-centric location services. The wealth of data we collect, coupled with AI analytic tools and localized cloud environments, allow us to provide revolutionary solutions for some of the most complex problems being faced today.

Why iSign?

iSIGN Media is a team of engineers, coders, designers, product managers, geeks, and experts. We solve complex problems and build cutting edge technology at scale. Today’s companies are looking for more than a software solution. They are looking for a trusted relationship with a global partner to help solve their long-term engineering problems. We help you meet the ever-evolving digital expectations of your customers and citizens through our secure and flexible end-to-end services

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