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Smart City Services International Announces the Addition of iSIGN Media’s HALOfx Tracing and Messaging Technology to its Private and Public Transit Partners

IRVINE, CA – April 26, 2022. Smart City Services International (SCSI) is pleased to announce  the acquisition of the newly developed HALOfx tracing and mobile messaging technology  from ISIGN Media Solutions Inc. (iSIGN) (TSX-V: ISD) (OTC: ISDSF), including leading edge Passive Historical Contact Tracing (PHACT) mobile device and individual passenger numeration to verify and validate each in-coming and exiting passenger on any transit vehicle.

The immediate plan is to equip one hundred private transit busses with one or two HALOfx units each, depending on the capacity of the bus, as soon as possible, with the goal to have 1,000 vehicles equipped with HALOfx units by the end of 2022.

Mexico and most Latin American countries to a large degree rely on currency payments by passengers,  The use of HALOfx and PHACT technologies will allow transit companies to independently validate the number of riders and calculate the cash fares being collected, resulting in improvements to ROI and increased data gathering on riders.  HALO technology can also be used for public safety and security alerts as well as public, tourist and brand advertising to generate additional revenue to transit operators and provide data to advertisers thus improving ROI and increasing the data being gathered on its passengers.

The addition of HALO and HALOfx technology to SCSI’s existing partnership with Payolog, a global payment and Smart City Solutions Leader, will increase accountability throughout private and public transit locations, stations and onboard vehicles as a unified network.  The new technology allows for the introduction of loyalty programs and rewards for passengers using public transit through a joint collaboration between SCSI, Payolog and iSIGN.  It is believed that the introduction of a loyalty rewards program combined with cashless ticketing will result in increased ridership levels as well as further increasing the safely of drivers and passengers.

Sal Haro, CEO & President at SCSI – “Adding a rewards program for transit owners provides an additional revenue stream to the transit industry. The transit industry is ready to offer these additional benefits to their passengers. We are excited to be in this partnership and offer these services to Mexico.”  

Alex Romanov, CEO at iSIGN – “SCSI has projected the first one thousand vehicles for the remainder of this year and three thousand vehicles for 2023 and each year following to cover and provide services to one of the world’s largest transit systems. Our partnership with SCSI and their Smart City digital and mobile payment partners will have ISIGN’s full support to provide networks from transit to airports and commerce in Mexico, USA and beyond.”

About Smart City Services International: Being involved in Smart City concepts for the last 7 years in Mexico, SCSI has established relationships with various transportation authorities. We have leveraged our consulting team in Mexico to focus and target government and private transportation agencies and are prepared to activate our marketing advertising and awareness campaigns. With our strong technology partners, we can advance and improve the daily lives of the working citizens with positive customer experience by implementing Smart City Payment solutions for all ticketing requirements. We are ready to market an all-in-one solution in the transit space and the first to provide smart digital payment solutions, coupled with a mobile advertising broadcast network, a missing persons’ alert broadcast network and mobile cash app program, All-In-One.

About iSIGN Media:iSIGN Media is a leading provider of interactive mobile proximity marketing and public security alert solutions, that on March 30, 2022 announced the signing of an exclusive worldwide Licensing Agreement in perpetuity with SIMBL Business Enablement Inc. for its Passive Historical Contact Tracing (PHACT) technology including HALO and underlying framework, including SPE Asset Management System for smart location analytics and monitoring Intellectual Property (IP). The PHACT IP provides smart location analytics and monitoring.  Conceived as a contact tracing platform, the overall platform enables the monitoring of the movement, congregation behaviors, and general movements of individuals within a monitored space, while maintaining connectivity and compliance with all public privacy policies.  PHACT provides real-time and historical information regarding individual movement, dwell, and crowd and public behavior.


 Sal Haro

 Smart City Services International


Alex Romanov

iSIGN Media Solutions Inc.

(416) 407-1035