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Welcome back, and a Happy New Year from all of us here at ISM. We wish you a healthy and prosperous year, and look forward to accomplishing great things together!

This is the first ISM newsletter, and it will be sent out monthly, unless something truly extraordinary is happening which will prompt us to send out subject-specific updates. This (January 2023) newsletter will be sent out via the traditional e-mail list and published on the website, all future newsletters will only be distributed to individuals who have signed up to receive it through our newsletter signup form on the ISM website.

Tech Stuff:

We published the tech roadmap on January 16th, and all projects are on time and still in alignment with our delivery strategy. Our development team has been working tirelessly to create a new user experience and a completely redesigned user interface for all of our products. We are well on our way to completion of a unified user experience which will create a strong brand identity and also help users intuitively adopt additional products and features as we introduce them.

We will be hosting a virtual demonstration day in early February for our shareholders and customers, where we will provide demonstrations of our new platform and updated products. Seeing is believing, and we look forward to showing you the progress we have made.

Current Projects:


We are nearing the end of development of our newest product, and we are on track to meet our June launch date. This product is a first for ISM, as it is designed as a multi-layered, multi-market platform, with B2B, B2C, and Enterprise level services and feature sets. Given the current climate surrounding property loss and theft, this product provides a unique solution for Asset Tracking that is OS agnostic and works with multiple detection protocols. This product is also the first product that ISM will deploy directly to the end user, and opens up the opportunity to bring business development down a new path.

Mexico City Transit Project:

In addition to testing our products in the field, our SCSI partners have agreed to testing our Object Recognition Platform, opening up the opportunity for SaaS revenue in situations that cannot implement, or do not merit, a full HALOfx deployment. This is very encouraging, as it provides ISM with the opportunity to generate revenue from a platform-only perspective, eliminating any obstacles related to equipment delivery and implementation. Expect additional information specific to this opportunity in the first week of February.

Retail Messaging Project, Chile:

The retail project in Chile is progressing with positive feedback from our partners. We have been receiving and validating data from the devices in the field, and our South American partners are impressed with the quality of the information our devices can provide. We have a demonstration of our platform dashboard scheduled for Monday, January 30th, 2023, and a successful demonstration moves us one step closer to a paid proof of concept deployment with a major South American retailer.

Interesting Opportunities and Dealings:

We have had a positive meeting with a manufacturing partner, and have commenced the development of prototype HALO nodes. This new manufacturer brings us reduced costs, and significantly reduced production timelines. This partner is also providing assistance with the re-purposing of almost 2000 “smart antennas” that ISM currently possesses, enabling us to utilize them in future implementations. This is great news, as it helps us bring some value out of what would have been obsolete equipment.

As always, please feel free to contact with any questions.