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This interim update is intended to provide informal information regarding the status of iSIGN and its general activities. The information contained herein is not intended to be a source of advice or credit analysis with respect to the material presented, and the information contained in this update does not constitute investment advice.

Tech Stuff:

The development team has been busy working on refining our long-range communication protocol, and we have had some very positive results in our restricted testing. These results indicate that our new device communication protocol will enable iSIGN to deploy nodes in regions that have limited or non-existent communication infrastructure. This also means that we will be able to deploy fleets of devices, and provide valuable data and actions to our clients, independent of any telecommunication providers.

These early positive results are further validation that ISIGN is poised to make significant inroads into the hybrid IoT/Network marketplace and aligns with our development and deployment roadmap.

Current Projects:

Mexico City Transit Project:

Our transit partner in Mexico has submitted our HALOfx node to be certified under NOM and UL-MX guidelines. Successful NOM/UL-MX certification will enable easy entry and deployment of our devices throughout Mexico and into most countries in South America. Expect some interesting news and updates to be published regarding the transit deployment in our next newsletter.

Retail Messaging Project, Chile:

Our Chilean partners have expressed interest in co-developing an advanced retail-centric tool which will enable context-based notifications and messaging for retail customers. Our partner is currently finalizing the details of a multi-national deployment with two of South America’s largest retail chains, utilizing our full suite of products.

Interesting opportunities and dealings:

Our executive team and principal advisors have had several fruitful meetings with electronic device manufacturers that have expressed interest in partnering with ISIGN to produce our suite of devices. We are excited by the prospect of a partnership with one of these manufacturers as it will provide us with the ability to aggressively grow business with no delivery concerns.

As always, we are focused on deployments and product enhancement. We look forward to publishing our product roadmap in the coming weeks, which will be full of exciting launch dates for a series of updates and new features that we are adding to the product portfolio.

Please feel free to contact with any questions.