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HALO units combine the most updated elements of our Security Alert Messaging (SAM), Smart Antenna and Pods and Beacon performance combined in a micro mini unit, enabling precise mobile phone alerts, crowd tracing and management. These units are applicable for indoor and outdoor locations, including public transit and mobile installations such as fleets of commercial and emergency vehicles or individual vehicles.

Currently, these units can provide security alerts, safety notifications and/or enterprise advertising network coverage to all mobile devices in ranges of up to 50 kilometers.

HALO can manage health related crowd control to manage COVID and related pandemic public distancing to reduce the spread of infectious disease in public stadiums, concerts, airports, schools and communities and cities.

HALO networks are personal privacy respective with certified and certificated system security testing for use and application anywhere globally. For more specific information contact

Click on the following link for our latest video

The following photo shows the size of the PHACT HALO unit

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