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Vaccine Proof of Vaccination and Other Mandates

With the recent announcement around the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions and mandates, we have been asked how they might impact on the contact tracing technology that is being worked on.  The simple answer is that it really doesn’t.

The contact tracing technology we are looking at bringing into the Company is a non-traditional (meaning no app needs to be downloaded, with no requirement for opt-ins by individuals) technology that works with a mobile phone’s capabilities; is entirely anonymous and fully adheres to all international privacy requirements/laws.  The contact tracing component is only one small element of the system’s overall utility and the current users are already utilizing other facets of the platform to assist in the day-to-day operations of their facilities.

The platform has latent capabilities that can report on any number of behavioural patterns and has a wide number of uses – for security and location management, such as incident alerts, security and density audits and crowd management, social distancing alerts and mitigation.  Additionally, there is also a retail use, such as crowd movement, dwell time, context based messaging, wayfinding, movement and interaction analytics, etc.

And of course it can be used to help combat the spread of infectious diseases, such as COVID, its variations and other infectious diseases that will inevitably arise as global populations and population density continues to increase.

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